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DGM  luxury click vinyl flooring is constructed with the patented products design. DGM  luxury click vinyl flooring can be installed in the existing flooring as the wood flooring, linoleum flooring and vinyl tile flooring.But our products can not be installed in carpeting surface.We will constantly look for advanced technology  to make our products have higher quality and a variety of colours.If you have more questions please contact our customer service.


Inspect the color and quality of flooring before the installation.Our products are through the strict inspection and we all according to the international standards produce flooring.If you find the flooring having unacceptable quality problems ,contact the dealer at once. Owner or installer has the responsibility for flooring quality and colors to confirm whether it is consistent. It is important to examin flooring.

Job Site Conditions

1.Vinyl flooring installation should be done after  all preparatory work has  been  completed.

2.DGM luxury vinyl click flooring should be installed in a constant temperature environment between 59℉~85℉.Un-opened product cartons must be placed at this temperature at least 48hours before installing.


1. Flooring should be stored in a dry, ventilative and darkness room.

2. Flooring is not suitable for the uncontrolled environment before and during the installation.

3. Don't stack too many cartons together. It is best not to stack more than 8 cartons.

4. Must avoid strong impact.

Tools Required

  •  Utility Knife

  •  Carpenter square

  •  Cutting board

  •  Tape measure

  •  Pencil/Chalk

Subfloor Recommended

1.   DGM luxury vinyl click flooring can be installed over many surfaces such as concrete, wood and linoleum surface floors.

2.  The subfloors is required to be dry, smooth, clean and flat.

3.  At the wall, pipe and door  around should have about 10mm of expansion joints.

4. For more than 100 square meters long and more than 10 meters wide room should leave the expansion space.

5.  Between the door and ground should leave a no less than 3mm gap.

6.  The flooring must lay a layer of dampproof mat when it is installed in the subfloors which is  invaded by moisture.


1.  Ensure  the room’s length and width to determine if the first row will need to be cut.

2.  Cut off the unsupported tongue of the first row so that a clean, solid edge is toward the wall.

3.  Start installation from the conner of the wall . Tongue side must start facing the wall and it is careful to leave 10mm expansion space. Install the planks from left side to right side.

4.  Install the next plank in the first row by angling the short side tongue into the short side of the first plank. Shift the plank  down towards the end seam and lightly lift the previous plank in order to engage the end joints together.

5.  Use the same method to complete the installation of the first row.

6.  Place the short end tongue of the next floor panel at an angle against the previously installed floor panel and fold  gently down.

7.  Using gentle force and at an angle, you gradually, from left to right, push the long side tongue into the locking groove of the previous row.

8.  Complete the whole row in the same way.

Glue Down Installation

1.  If the area has a right angle of the conner  ,start the installation from the right angle of the conner.If not ,choosing the  the minimum deviation of the acute angle start installing.

2. Start the installation of the the minimum deviation of the acute angle along perpendicular to the outer wall of the wall. Determine if the planks will need to be cut

3.  Clean the subfloor before the installation to avoid dirty things behind the planks.

4. An area the size of two installed rows is a good starting area.During sticking aligns to the angle first ,then  the edge and the whole field of galley compaction.

5. Finally cut the extra planks not of the whole flooring of the  wall.If it is small,you can also fold the extra plank to stick on skirting line.

The above instructions is a probable installation. If you need to know more information , please contact us with our customer support. DGM products are all through the strict examine. All customers can use our flooring trustingly.




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